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Home Inspections

$300 for 0-3,000 ft²
$25 for each 1,000 ft² over
$25 if older than 1970

In & Out Inspections, LLC will help guard your investment by identifying common problems before they become major issues. We will provide you... (Read More)

Radon Testing

$100 for Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas that has no smell, taste, or color. It comes from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all rock and soil. Radon decays into... (Read More)

Mold Testing

$375 for 3 Samples
Additional fees for extra samples

Mold spores are not visible to the human eye. Only by a laboratory analysis can you know what types of mold exist in your home. Our services...(Read More)

Meth Testing

$150 for up to 2,000 ft²

Why should you get a meth test done on your home before you buy?

Jason and Rhonda Holt purchased a house in Tennessee to start their family. They were soon plagued by... (Read More)

Sewer Camera

$125 for sewer line inspection

In & Out Inspections, LLC has a camera that can inspect a sewer line to ensure it is in proper condition. We have the capabilities...(Read More)